Our Courses

Quran For Kids

In this phase, our skillful online Quran teachers can help the kids to learn nazra Quran. Nazra drives the meaning of learning Quran verbally without any translation and memorization. This phase is specially designed for the children and adults who want to learn the Holy Quran for the first time. A core reason for focusing on this course is – it helps to learn the basic Arabic letter with a right pronunciation that leads them to recite every single word of Holy Quran correctly.

Quran Reading With Tajweed

Tajweed in Arabic means apt sounding of Quranic verses in a way that their meaning stays the same. Tajweed governs how Quran ought to be recited. It is important because Arabic is a distinct language and lacks short vowels, which makes mispronunciations completely alter meaning of a sentence. The primary motivation behind introducing this course is to help readers recite Quran in a way that preserves its’ original meaning and interpretation. In this course the online Quran teachers in Pakistan helps readers to identify individual Arabic letters as the base for the teaching.

Memorization of Quran

Memorizing Quran is to be able recall individual verses and surah from anywhere in Quran and to do so without making an error or mispronouncing any words. Our online Quran teaching course will help students memorize Quran in a way that is compliant with shariah and to this end, only qualified Hafiz-UL-Quran teach it. This is a process that requires great commitment and daily exercises and training and certain techniques that help with the memorization, which sometimes includes learning individual Arabic words.

Norani Quaida

Memorization Of Quran Means To Learn Quran By Heart. This Course Is Designed For Students Who Are Interested In Becoming Hafiz-E-Quran. This Course Will Guide The Student Through All The Necessary Step That Are Required On A Daily Basis To Memorize The Quran. The Course Will Be Taught By Qualified Hafiz-Ul-Quran.They Will Guide You Step By Step Giving You Specific Lessons Every Day As A Home Work.Duration Of This Course Is Depend On Time And Efforts Put By Students. Join For 3 Days Free Trial Class.


Learning Quran by heart is a task that requires resilience and commitment that’s why only Hafiz-UL-Quran with teaching experience and supreme pedagogical qualities teach our courses. Our course of online Quran class will provide you with tasks that you can do from home so you can work at your own schedule and at your own pace since there is no set deadline that students must complete their course in. The duration of course, obviously depends on the level of commitment the students are willing to provide and time they are willing to provide.