About Us

About Us

Al Qirat Academy provides students the proper and eloquent learning of Holy Quran recitation under the Tajweed rules. Our online Quran teaching in Pakistan offers one-on-one live Quran classes with the vastly experienced tutors. Our team of professional online Quran teachers will not only help you with the recitation Holy Book but also encounter all the problems or questions a student will face during the learning period.

Our Philosophy

Al Qirat Academy is a well-known Quran teaching institute which has now come up with an astonishing service – now it is offering online Quran teaching in Pakistan. We offer one-on-one Quran class services, whether it’s a kid or an adult we always deliver our best.

We heartily welcome all the students who want to learn an Islamic Holy Book – Our online Quran teaching academy is not a part of any group or organization. Our goals different from other online institutes – our motto is quite straight and simple, we want to spread an awareness of Quran at every single corner of our beloved country Pakistan. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering premier quality our online Quran teachers in Pakistan has offered an enormous and triumphant standard of Holy education.

Our Tutors are

Our team of online Quran teachers highly professionalizes in their field. They are hardworking – as well as they know how to keep on going track swiftly with a student in a friendly and respectable environment to make authentic and proficient results.
All of our teachers at an online Quran academy in Pakistan have the following skills:


Proficient aware of the rules of recitation under the Tajweed law.

Graduates in Islamic education.

They have an excellent command of Arabic and Urdu languages to get converse with all the students and provide high-quality detailed lectures.

They understand entire complexities and issues faced in this profession. They have skills to push their students to go for the maximum amount of positive results.

Preparation of Teachers

Pakistan’s most famous and preferable online teaching Quran, Al Qirat Academy train their teachers before assigning them to students As we all know, teaching online is entirely a different technique as compared with a conventional teaching. Our academy keeps on managing various training programs, courses for the teachers to keep them, flowing with professionalize and update according to the need of time and maintaining the quality of work.



A critical component of every Muslim journey is knowledge is knowledge more


Lived Spirituality

A critical component of every Muslim journey is knowledge is knowledge more



A critical component of every Muslim journey is knowledge is knowledge more